IF there is a God

My army stands crippled by demonic plagues I led them to.
I'm now lost along the path I once thought I knew.
I kneel down to pray my last, to the one who brought me here.
If there is indeed a God, let Him for once lend me his ear.

This land rots, the air is dry; is this where hell begins?
The living suffer nature's wrath; Repent for all our sins!
Oh Heaven, Creator's abode, bring down your blessed rain!
If prayers are not vain, then relieve us from all this pain.

With the last few drops of water I wash sweat off my hands.
I rise to my feet, draw my sword; more enemies approach the wastelands.
Verses and chants for the desperate times quickly flood my mind.
If the scriptures are true, Lord, please show me you can be kind.

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