16 Things To Know While At MITCOE

1.       PLs are 5 times longer than your vacations.
2.       Vacation? What’s that?
3.       Mass bunk is an illusion. There’s always a Judas to ruin it for you.*
4.       What happened to the restrooms’ water supply? They’re served at your juice center.
5.       Pretty girls and handsome guys are fairytales.
6.       Last man from Mech dept in an extracurricular activity was a martyr.
7.       Mainstairs: Junction for all your meetings.
8.       Canteen: Of the roaches, by the roaches and for the roaches.
9.       College’s parking lot:  Where even ‘Dangerous Dave’ got lost.
10.   Girls’ hostel: The real reason why guys go to the gymkhana.
11.   Prayer time: When even bullets are stopped mid-air.
12.   Classroom: Where even time and tide must wait…
13.   Student section: Never fails to annoy you.
14.   Low attendance: Yet another reason for them to empty your pockets.
15.   Bunksheets: Political promises.
16.   Respect your juniors. One day, they might be your classmates or even your seniors.

Note: This list was supposed to be a filler for Spandan’12, but we didn’t finalize this for the magazine the magazine. I hope it made you smile.
*I copied this particular point alone from a facebook share.