Video Conference With Sunnita Wiliams - Part 2 - The Preparation and Uncertainities

One of my friends posted a comment on my Facebook status message that 'it's just a video conference'. I later even confirmed this at college. So no autograph for mom. Anyway, at least I'd have the honor of being one of the lucky ones to interact with her. I was told that 3 students from each department were selected. My group had an additional Harshavardan (also my classmate). So I asked some of my close friends to help me with valid questions to ask her, provided I had the opportunity. Only one of my friends gave me the right kind of questions I was expecting. But later I came to know that even that was more than enough.

I rang up Vibha, the current Secretary of Spandan - our college magazine. Komal and I are ex-spandanites. And so I thought we might use this opportunity to interview Sunnita Williams on behalf of Spandan. It turned out that Aditya was also attending this, on behalf of his department. (And much later, even Vibha, Bhagyashree etc., from Spandan, attended.) So we agreed to keep in touch and get things arranged for this conference. Even if we couldn't interview her, we'd take notes (or use an audio recorder) and make it an article.

Arti responded to my call much later with an SMS. She apologized for the delay and asked me as to why I'd called. I told her that she was selected to volunteer for an event, but that I gave my name on her behalf as there wasn't enough time to confirm her attendance. She kept insisting that I tell her exactly what I was talking about. It was too long a story to text her. Hence, I sent her a Facebook message explaining what she'd missed. (No, I generally don't prefer phone calls or personal conversations.)

She called me, and almost pleaded to be put back on the team. I said that I wasn't sure if that was possible and that I'm not the one in charge of all this. She said she'd talk to Nadgire and the Principle. I didn't protest. But I was worried that they'd prefer her over me. After all, just a few days back, I didn't even know who Sunnita Williams was. And Arti said that this was her dream. And besides, the society is always quick to sympathize with a woman.

Meanwhile, people congratulated me. I felt guilty because (a) I didn't earn/achieve anything here and (b) I may not  even get to go there in the end.

The program's timing would most probably clash with that of my first day at TMC tution. I had to inform my prof and reserve the seat.

Jan 2: 

Me: Sir, I wouldn't be able to come to Tution tomorrow. I have a video conference with Sunnita Williams.
Prof. Dixit: Do try to come. Tell Sunnita Williams that you have TMC tution. I'm sure she'll let you go. Haha!