Video Conference With Sunnita Williams - Part 4 - After the Conference

6 PM

My day didn't end there. I still had another pressing matter to worry about. It was 6 PM by the time the conference ended. I called a couple of my classmates who were also attending this tuition. One of them was Mayur weho had my fees. Neither of them answered just then.

Drats! Perhaps the class had already begun? It would take me me 20 minutes to reach Sadashivpeth. I was worried that even if I did attend after this, I would have missed 20 minutes would hence be lost and restless. He doesn't waste time with pointless introductory lectures. All his lecture are complete - quantitatively and qualitatively. Missing 20 minutes could be disasterous. And it would be embarrassing going there late. And where WAS this class going to be held? TMC surely couldn't be taught in the same classroom as CONM (of the previous semester), we were expecting a larger number of students from various colleges this time and that room was too small for that purpose. Perhaps I ought to go back home instead, after the conference, like mom suggested?

I went to Cafe Durga, one of my favorite places to catch a smoke. Soon, I got a call from one of those 2 friends mentioned earlier, but he had to pass it onto another friend to answer my queries. (a)The class had not yet started, (b) it was in the same room as last semester (at least for today) and (c) it wouldn't begin for another 10 minutes.

I thanked my luck and rode will high velocities, using the power of 'The Secret' to ensure that class does not resume until I reached there.

I reached there at 6.30 PM and peeped into the classroom hesitantly.

Prof: So, how's Sunni? 

Everyone laughed. I smiled widely, embarrassed.

Prof: Did she ask about me? 

They laughed again. I smiled even wider, shaking my head.

Sir's father (smiling): The class has JUST started. 

This gave me a great relief. I rushed inside, dumped my bag onto the table where bags are left and went back to sit, hurriedly. Sir in the background made a joke about how all the astronauts must certainly know about him.

The lecture, like each and every one of his, was very entertaining and enlightening. That's why I always enjoy them. He's not just a professor. He's a performer! He fills the class with not just clear concepts, but even comedy, theatrics, examples and interesting out-of-the-world facts.

After class got over: 

Me: Sir, it was fortunate for me that you began late. 
Sir: I know. I did that intentionally. I knew that you would come late.

I love this guy! I hit the sack that night with a feeling of fulfillment :)