Change in Strategy - Smile!

I've always thought that fear, pain, anger and hatred were very good motivators. We human beings ARE animals, after all, right? We have the three basic instincts - fright, fight and flight - when it comes to facing adversities.

Fear can push you to the edge, where the best of you could be forced out of you. But fear could also chain you to the dungeons of your life and keep you away from pursuing your dreams. Moreover, the vicious wolves feed on the fear of the innocent sheep. Don't feed them!

You cannot escape from your responsibilities. There's no point being overwhelmed at something which cannot be bigger than you. Thus, fright and flight are not wise options!

Anger is a very powerful weapon, if harnessed well. But it is also a hot piece of coal in one's hand. It burns you even before you can throw it at someone else.

Hatred is a poison which drips onto our minds and slowly consumes it like an acid. It is an obsession and it makes you think more about the ones who you hate than the ones who love you. The more you curse or conspire against your enemies, the more power you give them. Is that really worth your time and energy?

Pain is inevitable. But suffering is an option. Your pain is caused primarily by your revisits to hell - the place where the bitter past and insecure future exist. People and events can hurt you once. You could walk away from them. Or you could hurt yourself a lot more by digging deeper into your wounds by brooding over your injuries.

Thus, my war strategy so far needed some changes. I've come to realize that in order to face the outside world, I need to make peace with my inner world. Yes, I shall fight, but with different weapons now! 

  • I shall face my fears with inspirations. 
  • I shall extinguish my anger with forgiveness (not because they deserve it, but because I do).
  • I shall forgo hatred and instead think about everything which makes me smile.
  • I shall let go of pain as I love myself and hence ought to not let anything take away my happiness. 

I cannot carry unnecessary baggage on my journey towards success. But I can carry my smile, my hopes, my dreams and all the good memories which I could cherish along my way. And I hope to see you too somewhere along my journey. As for now, cheers!