Don't Empower Your Enemy

There's one lesson I learnt, the hard way, last month around this time. There will be those who will try to provoke you by any means possible. They will taunt you and try to crush your spirit by hitting you below the belt. Such times are the ultimate test of a man's patience and strength.

My immediate reaction to such a scenario was to scream my head off and use abusive language, which I'd never done before, esp. not in public. (I would have taken to physical abuses, but my adversary was a woman and unfortunately our 'male dominated world' sympathizes with the woman first, no matter what.) I lost control that day. And I realized that I was also defeated by my own actions.

Anger is like hot charcoal in your hand. It burns your hand before you can throw it onto someone else. 

When you raise your voice, use abusive language or take to physical violence, you might think you're holding up the fort. But the truth is that you are doing exactly what your adversary wants: you are reacting! When you react, you encourage them to taunt you even more. Eventually, you will break and make a fool of yourself. This is how the enemy often succeeds. Beware!

There is only one good solution to facing jerks: smile, hold your head high and walk away. I know that this is easier than done, but it's a lot better than the other alternatives. It saves you your honor as well as your energy. You will not give your opponent the satisfaction of getting on your nerves and at the same time, you will not commit a mistake which you might regret for a long time.

When your foes taunt or tease you, all you can do is remember that they are doing so only because they lack the maturity to respect the humanity within you. And by inwardly laughing at their spiritual and intellectual inferiority, you can walk away with the satisfaction of being better than them. If they do have some shame left in them, they will someday realize that you walked away with their honor as well as your own.