Letting Go

"Justice is about harmony. Revenge is about you making yourself feel better."  - Batman Begins
There comes a time (or more than just one) where one may feel that he/she has been wronged.
It's often more tempting to take an 'eye for an eye' than 'turning the other cheek'. I often found the preaching of Gandhi and Jesus to be ridiculous. It takes a lot of strength (and perhaps, foolishness) to pray for one's persecutors. Revenge often appears to be the sweetest option.

Unfortunately, vengeance isn't the most gratifying option. Often, it may not even fill the void the mishap left to begin with. And until the thirst for vengeance has been 'quenched', one does not permit even himself/herself to rest. It's a poison which eats away one's own spirit.

There are those who may betray you, forsake you in the middle of your life's worst battles, injure you, humiliate you, belittle you, laugh at you, tease and taunt you, and ultimately deny having done any such thing. No matter how much your blood boils because of these things, you can only make it worse by seeking vengeance.

Let me explain! Who ever wronged you did with the sole intention of seeing you hurt, crippled, defeated and destroyed. If you react in anger, you are doing exactly as he/she expects you to. And you will not only make a fool of yourself and regret this, but you will also fuel your adversaries.

True strength lies not in one's ability to inflict or return the same damage, but in one's ability to stay in control of his/her emotions, no matter what.

"I find vengeance to be petty." Said a friend of mine. "It might sound thrilling and fulfilling, but it's immature."

And then when I think about it, I realize why Jesus prayed for his persecutors on his cross. Carrying a grudge against your persecutors will not harm anyone but yourself.

Hate is a powerful weapon. It turns a man against himself in the battle of life.
Forgiveness isn't a necessary solution. It's definitely not an easy solution. But if you can walk away with your dignity, you'd have at least learnt your lesson. Thus, you will be a better man while your persecutors are left behind, where they can no longer harm you. And they will realize how pathetic they are when the time comes. Leave vengeance to Karma. She'll do a neat job for you!

Let go: not because they deserve to be forgiven, but because you deserve peace.