Thank Your Teachers

“Some people come in our life as blessings. Others come in our life as lessons.” ― Mother Teresa

Life is man's best teacher. It's lessons are harsh, but they are profound if understood and taken in the right spirit. Life will teach you the SAME lesson again and again until you learn. It is a very patient and yet mischievous teacher. 

Life sends us many who share the sunshine with us. Some may share the moonlight with us. But when life throws challenges in your way, you will see that only few would remain standing by your side. 

When you're in the dark, your shadows will disappear and so will your false friends.

Judas may betray the Christ, selling his identity to his enemies. Brutus may conspire against his very own 'best friend', Julius Cesar, and stab him right in the heart.  Delilah may betray Samson, by becoming his weakness and using it to bring his very downfall. Such men learned their lessons only when it was too late. But YOU, on the other hand, still have the opportunity to LEARN!

You may curse and condemn the ones who hurt you. You may hold a grudge against them and brood about your injuries for days. But then you will only be carrying them around your necks. They may have hurt you ones, but you would be reliving the episodes over and over again in your head. This is how we hurt ourselves more than anyone else does.  
The true nature of every human being is to be humane, to love. When people hurt you, it's because they themselves are damaged and weak. Such people need to be sympathized with and forgiven, because nothing can annoy them any more than this. 

Anyway, thank the ones who hurt you, esp. the ones who betray you. They are your ultimate teachers! If you learn to handle them, you shall be ready for life's NEXT lesson. Because of them, your eyes were opened. Because of them, you are now wise and enlightened. Because of them you have suffered, and suffering will ALWAYS make a man stronger. Thank them, because without them, you would have never learned such a valuable lesson. 

Be brave. Laugh! This will frighten them, because they wanted you to weep and to suffer forever.   

There SHALL be those who do genuinely intend to do you good. But when you're too preoccupied with the wounds of your past, you cannot see the healers of the present.  Live in the present, because it is actually a much better place if you could remind yourself that the past is OVER!

The only revenge you can take against the bitch who made you suffer is to laugh and be happy, showing her that she failed miserably.