What Do You Feed On?

One thing I've learnt from various authors is this:

  1. The Mind is a garden. What you sow in it is what you reap in the real world. 
  2. If you are careful about what you feed your stomach, then be careful of what thoughts you feed your mind. 
  3. If you will not permit weeds to grow in your backyard, do not let similar negative thoughts to be sown and grown in the garden of your mind. I.e. beware of suggestion! 

What you may or may not realize is that people in our environment influence us with their suggestions - their comments, their opinions, their advice, their baggage, their criticism, their approval, their disapproval, their compliments ad infinitum. The concept of suggestion is to install a thought into a mind - be it another's or one's own.

This is the fundamental concept behind hypnosis and it is very much effective, as you will come to realize if you look back on how many times you watched events occur in your life just because your MIND acted on another's suggestion.

You may not be as sensitive to what strangers or mere acquaintances may say to you. You may ignore some suggestions as they come to you. Nevertheless, you ARE permitting several suggestions, on an hourly basis, into your head.

What you read/hear/watch on the NEWS affects you. What you read/see on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp affects you. You are surrounded by millions of suggestions, everyday.

What you think about yourself or your life affects you. This is called autosuggestion.

I do not mean to say that all suggestions are harmful. I'm only trying to warn you all about the fact that we are constantly being shaped by the people we communicate with or interact with, on a daily basis. So be aware of suggestion! Use positive autosuggestion to keep your Mind's Garden free from parasites.

May your Garden be evergreen!