Hugging the Monster

When I was a kid, I was always scared of the monster under my bead, behind the bed, within the closet, in the other room or somewhere or the other. I was afraid of the dark and I couldn't sleep at night, at least not alone. This boogey man was a saboteur of my peace.

I had similar phobias of dogs, women and public speaking, due to various bad experiences. Ultimately, I succumbed to my fear, which prevented me from growing. 

Of course, eventually the dark, the dogs, women and the stage ceased to frighten me. But how did I over come these fears? I believe it was by facing them! Fears are merely portals to the best part of our lives. At the edge of our comfort zone is where life truly begins. 

What if we remain afraid? Then we'd never be able to sleep, swim, shine or even live life. Fear is a monster, but it's not a bad thing. The Monster, just like you, doesn't want to feel lonely. So why run away from it? Face it, run towards it and hug it. 

Sounds easier than done? Well, just think about it this way. Fear (, anger and the rest of our saboteurs, for that matter) is a creation of our mind. Can't we be the masters of at least that which we create?

Think about it.