The Monkey Mind

The mind is a monkey. It jumps from one thought to another, disturbing your focus on the consequential.

Most obey it. The Monkey is a very terrible boss. Thus we give in to disruptive thoughts and emotions. This later affects our speech and actions.

Some resist the Monkey. This makes the Monkey mad. A mad Monkey is a bad Monkey. It will only get wilder.

The wise befriend the Monkey. Let the Monkey jump from branch to branch, but as long as you take no notice of it, it shall not disturb you. Acknowledge your inner Monkey's sense of humour - the thoughts and emotions. Be aware of them, but remember to be detached and not participate.

As yourself: how long will this though or emotion prevail? Then remember that we are neither the mind nor the body. Life is merely a journey and the Monkey is merely a companion. This will help you detach from the Monkey's activities.

Thus, meditation helps us ensure that the Monkey does not dominate our lives. The Monkey shall then serve us as a wonderful servant and as a friend.