A few changes

Dear readers,

1) My blogs and I are no longer christian; all christian material have been archived. We're now secular, i.e. devoid of religion. No offense to the religious. Just a choice I've made.

2) Just so that I do not bombard your email inbox and incur your wrath, I shall henceforth blog only once a week (on Sundays) on both blogs http://zardychess.blogspot.in/ as well as  https://theequilibriumoflife.wordpress.com 

If you're wondering why I have too many (or should I say 3 many) blogs, well the Monk of Gardenia is for various discussions about spirituality, life, mythology etc. and the Equilibrium of life is meant for poems and the Wordpress blog is being populated while the Blogspot blog has been suspended and  it is slowly  being vacated (which explains why the poems are in a matrix).

The suspended blog might be triggered every time I revisit a post and I apologize for the automated delivery of the list of poems each time.

Warm Regards