In Pursuit of Krishna

One morning I sat in my room, sulking. I don't remember why. I probably didn't know why I was sulking when I was sulking. My aunt noticed this and said, "Go to the ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) temple and find the answers to your questions."

So I caught  a bus to Tiruvanmiyur bus stand and from there I caught a share-auto to the  ISKCON.  This auto driver drove on and on. I began to wonder if he was taking me to ISKCON or to Vaikuta (Vishnu's abode).

At one point I got off the auto although not at the destination. I confirmed the direction towards ISKCON and got onto another share-auto. I finally reached an arch which I'd never seen before in my life.

I entered the arch and walked on and on up the road, and finally a temple structure emerged.  This was NOT the ISKCON I'd been to before.

I rang up my ISKCON friend and said "I think I reached the other ISKCON."

But what did it matter, ISKCON is ISKCON, Krishna is Krishna. I paid my obeisance to the deities, took the prasadam and headed for the ISKCON restaurant (lunch time).

The moment the waiter approached me, he said "Thali?" Like it was written all over my face.  I finished a delicious lunch and left.

Lazy as I was, I caught an auto to the nearest bus stop(which turned out to be just on the main road.) From here I caught a share-auto to Tiruvanmiyur bus stand (a very painful journey as I'm tall and my legs are very long.) Then an auto to the ISKCON I knew.

I reached the Tiruvanmiyur ISKCON temple and rang up my friend. We sat at the reception and spoke for quite some time. I tell you, Vaishnava teachings can be scarier than Christianity sometimes.

Finally, I returned home by a direct auto as I was completely broke by now.