Second Thoughts on the Battlefield

Note: For those who do not know/understand the story of the Mahabharath, please refer to my narration.

How could I ever do this, Kanha? It's such a miserable deed!
I would rather run away, and live with only what I need.
I would rather surrender wealth, power, joy and fame
than ever slay my dear ones and live all my life in shame.

If this is my duty and true joy, I see why you equate sorrow and glee.
If defeat and victory don't differ, Krishna, I would now rather flee.
You say that I have a mission from which I cannot stray.
Then may I put this war aside and fight it another day?

How could I carry this burden and yet keep a smile upon my face?
How could I accept this misery, taking it to be your grace?
You have provided better to the lesser; is this all MY life comes to?
I give up, oh Keshava! Tell me what could I do?


1. Some of these questions have been adopted from Arjuna's role in the Bagavad Gita. They have been twisted to suit mine.

2.Images used in this post do not belong to me.