Hugging the Monster

When I was a kid, I was always scared of the monster under my bead, behind the bed, within the closet, in the other room or somewhere or the other. I was afraid of the dark and I couldn't sleep at night, at least not alone. This boogey man was a saboteur of my peace.

I had similar phobias of dogs, women and public speaking, due to various bad experiences. Ultimately, I succumbed to my fear, which prevented me from growing. 

Of course, eventually the dark, the dogs, women and the stage ceased to frighten me. But how did I over come these fears? I believe it was by facing them! Fears are merely portals to the best part of our lives. At the edge of our comfort zone is where life truly begins. 

What if we remain afraid? Then we'd never be able to sleep, swim, shine or even live life. Fear is a monster, but it's not a bad thing. The Monster, just like you, doesn't want to feel lonely. So why run away from it? Face it, run towards it and hug it. 

Sounds easier than done? Well, just think about it this way. Fear (, anger and the rest of our saboteurs, for that matter) is a creation of our mind. Can't we be the masters of at least that which we create?

Think about it. 

The Roller Coaster Life

Life has it's ups and downs. The waves have their crests and troughs. So do roller coasters.

As a matter of fact, what if life IS a roller-coaster. Perhaps we just don't realize it. Some of us do enjoy thr thrill. While some of us scream our heads off and some others... throw-up.

Would a roller coaster be fun if it wasn't full of rises and falls? I should think not! Neither would life.

I thank my mistakes, for they made me wiser!
I thank my challenges, for they made me braver!
I thank my failures, for they made me stronger!
And I thank my suffering, for it taught me patience!
I learnt empathy from the Roller-Coaster which is Life!


Oh King of Dancers, who's art doth charm,
May thy music forever play on!
For thy mystic dance steers away all harm,
and guides lost souls from dusk to dawn!

Upon mount Kailash is thy abode;
where thou doth meditate in peace.
To Him alone I dedicate this ode,
who's grace puts all souls at ease.

Oh God of Gods, I surrender to thou!
Help me embrace my karma today!
Let dharma be my unbroken vow;
and sins thy Third Eye burn away!

The Blessed Ash covers thy skin,
like the shadow which covers the night!
Conquerer of Death! Fill my soul within,
and guide me with thy blessed light!

Om namah shivaya!

- Darpan

  1. Nataraja (King of Dancers), Mahadev (Great God or God or Gods), Mrityunjaya (Conqueror of Death) are various names of Lord Shiva.
  2.  Karma = purpose, action
  3. Dharma = justice, duty
  4. For those who lack awareness about Indian Mythology,  Shiva loves to dance, meditate, and cover himself with funeral ash. He resides at the top of Mount Kailash and posses a third eye on his forehead, which if opened could destroy ... not necessarily the human being, but the ego. Hence Shiva is not merely a destroyer, as most ignorant people assume. He is a destroyer of the arrogance/ego within us, and this helps remove one's sufferings.

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The Monkey Mind

The mind is a monkey. It jumps from one thought to another, disturbing your focus on the consequential.

Most obey it. The Monkey is a very terrible boss. Thus we give in to disruptive thoughts and emotions. This later affects our speech and actions.

Some resist the Monkey. This makes the Monkey mad. A mad Monkey is a bad Monkey. It will only get wilder.

The wise befriend the Monkey. Let the Monkey jump from branch to branch, but as long as you take no notice of it, it shall not disturb you. Acknowledge your inner Monkey's sense of humour - the thoughts and emotions. Be aware of them, but remember to be detached and not participate.

As yourself: how long will this though or emotion prevail? Then remember that we are neither the mind nor the body. Life is merely a journey and the Monkey is merely a companion. This will help you detach from the Monkey's activities.

Thus, meditation helps us ensure that the Monkey does not dominate our lives. The Monkey shall then serve us as a wonderful servant and as a friend.

Of Poets And Their Deaths

A few intriguing ideas intrigued me this morning while I was going about my own business. And I thought of sharing them with you.

How did Pablo Neruda die?

I know how he DIDN'T die. He didn't get hit by a truck. He clearly stated "I have no truck with death." Perhaps he died 'Keeping Quiet'.

How did Samuel Taylor Coleridge die?

He died of thirst during a flood. His last words were "Water water every where, but not a drop to drink!"

And how about Emily Dickinson?

Well, she certainly 'could stop not for death'. So I think Death would have had a hard time catching up with her.

Facing Demons

Yesterday, after such a long time, I came to realize that my demons - doubt, fear, remorse and other such saboteurs - are afraid of me. They don't want to face me any more than I want them. So why am I even disturbed by them?

But that which I resist, persists. And I've been giving these demons a lot of power by meditating on them - sulking.

Today, I went out there and faced them bravely. My success partner was right. I feel so much better now. I feel empowered. My demons have lesser power over me than they did y'day. They cannot haunt me for too long.

I look at them dispassionately and with detachment. They do not possess me. They can only disturb the body. 

But for how long could they last?

I'm glad to say that I am on the road of and to healing, happiness and success. I wanted to share this with you as I thought it would help you too, IF and when you'd require it.

Have an awesome weekend ahead!

Every Norse Crisis!

A thousand giants storm the Eiser residence!
How did they get past Heimdal's vigilance?
Could the Alfather not plainly see?
Why don't we all just blame Loke!

'Though drunk with mead and wine,
Asgard fights the scum of Jotunheim.
Ragnarok has set old Fenrir free!
What can we do but blame Loke?

The Norn have already sung this song,
and wise Odin has known all along.
Nine realms tremble upon the Ash Tree!
So now we all must blame Loke!

It's Loke's fault! Tie him to a rock!
And let him suffer till Ragnarok!!!

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