Lanka Ablaze

The Monkey stood before the wicked king;
in praise of Lord Ram did the Monkey sing.
A humble messenger of his Lord was he,
who came to warn this king to set Sita free.

"The wicked from justice can never escape!"
Thus warned the divine and wise Ape.
"Oh Demon-King, amend your ways!
Or else prepare to count your days!"

The mighty king was outraged at this.
"Set fire that tail of his!"
How dare this creature into my city storm
and threaten me (having caused enough harm)!

The tail which they set on fire,
swung right back and lit their pyre!
Across the city did the Vanara chase.
Lo! For Lanka was now ablaze!

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Holding Up the Fortress

Dear friend,

Never ever give up, especially when you feel like you back is up against the wall. No matter what, stand your ground.
Remember: An oak tree was once merely an acorn which held it's ground. 
A little miracle awaits the one who keeps going forward even when all hopes seems to be lost.

And as another friend of mine (who sold his Ferrari) often says:
Fear is a portal to the best part of your life. Hug your monsters! Run towards your fears!
And the Book of the Messiah says,
Fear is simply hot air, dressed to look like hell.
Do not give up, especially if you're really scared! Because the whole world NEEDS the genius who innovates beyond limitations and the hero who acts despite fear. You could be both, if only you refuse to give up!

with love
The Monk of Gardenia