Part 5 - The Tempter

This is a continuation of Part 4 - The Negotiation 

The world was created with the word of God, the word now became flesh,
To buy our pardon with his own blood and start the world afresh.
They called him Jesus of Nazareth and he preached forgiveness and love.
He cure the sick, fed the hungry, and spoke of his Father above.

Once when he was at fast, in the middle of the desert’s heat
(for forty days and forty nights without bread or meat),
The Devil came to him, and from the Gospel he read
“Could you not command these desert stones to turn into bread?
Ask in prayer and you shall receive, isn’t that what we’ve heard?”
And Jesus replied, “I live not on bread alone, but only on God’s Word.”

Satan took him to the Holy City, “You say you’re God’s son. If that is true,
then throw yourself off this temple’s peak. Surely the Angels will save you.”
But Jesus simply replied, “I will not put the Lord my God to test.”
The Devil was surprised, but didn’t give up; he was yet to do his best.

He took Jesus to the top of the world and said, “You see all these splendours?
Bow down to me and worship me, and I’ll let all the world be yours!”
“Be gone, Satan!” Jesus said, “I bow down only to the Lord, who is true.”
The Devil left the one he could not corrupt, no matter what he’d say or do.

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Part 4 - The Negotiation

This is a continuation of Part 3 - The Serpent

Earth would have been paradise...Alas! To keep God’s only word Man failed.
Thus for thousands of years and thousands more, evil on earth prevailed.
While the righteous hid from persecution, the sinful earth did rot.
But though Man had forgotten his Creator’s love, the Creator never forgot.

“Oh Lucifer, why did you of all choose a path so unwise?
Your desire for praise and wicked ways expelled you from Paradise.”

“I shall return this earth to you,” the sly Devil said. “if you give me your Son.”
“Amen!” The Lord said and with that the deal was done.
The Devil expected this not, but with this he was content.
To avenge the day the first Man was born was his malicious intent.

Thus God sent His own Son, who was born to the Virgin Mary.
Only he and the Lord knew the burden he would someday carry.

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Pentagrams, incense sticks, incantations, the bell...
Tonight I shall send all my demons back to hell!
I pronounce every word with utmost precision...
I choose to put an end to this, and thus is my decision.

I sit to meditate... but I'm still bound to desires and fears...
I cannot focus on my task as the darkness now nears...
I hear their whispers calling my name again and again...
I rise up and rush towards somewhere safer then...

I run towards the temple, but swiftly they follow...
Everything I leave behind, the darkness shall swallow...
In my hand is a holy book, whose verses I chant...
I reach the gates, hoping that my pursuers can't...

I run past the chambers to the one deep within...
Hoping that some God shall relieve me from my every sin....

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Part 3 - The Serpent

This is a continuation of Part 2 - The Fallen Angel

From the ribs of Man (Adam) the Lord then made Eve.
For them alone Eden, a paradise, the Creator began to weave.
He said, “I make you the rulers of the land, all that you see is yours.
But that tree alone is forbidden for you; it bears the fruits of remorse.”

The Lord left them to be and enjoy each and every generous gift.
The Serpent who waited for this moment, unleashed his scheme so swift.
He approached Eve, for what better way could he manipulate the Man?
And he convinced her to steal the only fruit upon which there was a ban.

“But it is forbidden, the Lord has warned; how could I touch that tree?”
“Oh, but the lord fears that if man eats this fruit, he will become like He.”
Thus the Serpent poisoned her mind, and she thus stole the fruit.
She gave it to Adam, who hesitated not to consume its Knowledge and Truth.

Suddenly the Man realised, “We are exposed, Eve, my dear.”
They hid themselves behind leaves and trees, in shame and in fear.
Yet when the Lord returned they could not hide, for everything He knew.
Despite all His grace, the wicked Serpent had done that entire he could do.

“I gave you everything,” God thundered, “What could a Serpent give you?
I gave you all freedom, yet you chose to do what I forbid to do.”
“Forgive us father, we have sinned.” The two of them did plead.
“I made you in my own image to become more was there a need?”

The Master who had been kind and benevolent before,
Now cast Adam and Eve out of Eden forever more.
The earth, which had till now belonged to the Lord so kind,
Fell into the hands of the limbless Serpent, who poisoned each mind.

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Part 2 - The Fallen Angel

This is a continuation of Part 1 - The Archangel

The Lord saw all this, and perhaps more and was thoroughly grieved.
He called His eldest son, Michael, and asked for Heaven to be relieved.
“Your little brother has let his heart burn with ambition’s dark fire.
For now the praise of heaven’s glory is Lucifer’s desire.”


“My dear brother,” Michael said, “why do you of all rebel?
Our Father loved you, enough and more, all of Heaven could tell.”
Lucifer replied, “He loved us once, but that was once before.
Our Father has now lost His mind, He now loves Man more.”

“What right have you to question God?” Michael thundered at him.
“Forget the mad man,” said Lucifer, “and join me like all of them.”
“Brother, you do know the consequence for all who disobey.”
Yet Lucifer smiled and simply said, “It needn’t be that way.”

Michael drew his sword and struck him down, out of Heaven’s gates.
And all the Angels who joined Lucifer faced such miserable fates.
The Archangel, now fallen, was now a mere Serpent upon the earth.
Yet this four-limbed snake, conspired to bring Man’s world down to dirt.

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Part 1 - The Archangel

  1. This is the story of Lucifer, the condemned one. The images used in these posts do not belong to me. This poem was written by me. But the essence of the story has been taken from Christian Mythology. I have merely narrated it in what I hope to be a simpler form to read for those of us who have partial or absolutely no knowledge of Christian Mythology, and yet are enthusiastic about it. 
  2. To get a more accurate version of the story,  please read the Holy Bible, John Milton's works of 'Paradise Lost', perhaps even the Holy Qur'an, (or simply watch the 'Supernatural' TV series) etc.
  3. In chapter 1 the Angels are referred to as God's children. This is a poetic expression. The Bible considers Angels to be merely God's servants. And the part where God asks the Angels to bow down to man is a concept found only in the Qur'an. In chapter 4, a negotiation between the Devil and God is mentioned. This is not explicit, but merely symbolic, in the Bible. If my interpretations or concepts are flawed, please feel free to correct me. However, do not expect this to be the accurate story.

Before life walked this earth, first created Lord’s Angels were.
Of them the highest, were the Archangels – Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Lucifer.
They were like His own children – perfect and obedient in all ways.
And that was back when Paradise saw its golden days.

The Angels sang hymns and songs about the Creator’s grace.
Lucifer, the youngest, led the choir to sing in his Father’s praise.
Amongst all the angels, of Heaven’s host, most charming was he.
And he was the most loved amongst them as an Angel could ever be.


However the Lord was not satisfied with all of this.
What is life’s meaning if it is all perfect and bliss?
Thus He created, in His own image, the very first Man;
And breathed into him life, to sustain him a certain span.

He brought home his new child, before all of them.
He said, “This is Man, dear children. Bow down to him!”
They all obeyed, save for one, and that was dear Lucifer.
He shot the Man a jealous glance and muttered coldly: Never!

Man may have the image of the Lord, but imperfect was he;
While the Angels were perfect, how could He not clearly see?

One day he stormed into Heaven’s court and gathered all around.
“Our Father is mad! And we His creations, to His word are bound.

Come with me, those of you who believe that I am right!
Are we not perfect? What exalts Man? Injustice has reached its height!
Come with me, dear brothers, I promise you invincibility!”
Thus one third of all Heaven’s host joined Lucifer’s mutiny.

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