Part 7 – The Crown of Thorns

This is a continuation of Part 6 - The Traitor

A crown of thorns the King of Kings now adorned,
Chastised by whips; the very sight was mourned.
Up the hill did He carry His heavy cross.
He suffered not in vain, but for His noble cause.
Laid upon the cross the Christ was impaled!
His hands and feet were so brutally nailed.

The onlookers wept, and His blood did gush,
From His wounds, and our sins did it wash.
“Father, forgive them!” Our Savior cried.
And thus having bought our freedom... He died.

After note:

Three days from then He arose from the grave.
And He has promised to return; His dear ones He shall save.
An epic battle between good and evil shall be fought,
Where the just shall triumph and the wicked be left to rot.

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The Unfinished Work

Dear Friend,

There was a book which I once set off to write in 2008. I had a nice story to write, it was a fantasy fiction with a magical theme. But I didn't know what to call it. My friend suggested the name 'TUW' (The Unfinished Work) as that was what it was. For so many years, it has remained quite 'unfinished', although I'd even tried committing myself to the 'work' by serializing the novel on a blog specifically designed for it.

In the year 2011, I had a broader perspective of what would go into my book. I decided to add some history as well as mythology into the plot. However, there was no point in writing a book without doing sufficient research. I was worried that it would just end up becoming one of those hand out booklets that most perishing authors desperately try to sell. I wanted my book to be nothing less than a Best-seller, even if it was only my first book ever.

But now that it's 2014, I think it's time to bring my story to life. (I think it's time to add some poetry as well to my novel.) Currently, I'm writing it's hard copy with ink on paper (my journal). Once I have provided my characters and story/plot enough depth to write a book, I might once again try to serialize the novel. I might even use this very same blog to share it with all of you.

Soon, I shall be putting up it's trailer on this very blog. So, please do look out for it!

with warm regards
The Monk of Gardenia

Part 6 – The Traitor

This is a continuation of Part 5 - The Tempter

The apostles snoozed as the Messiah prayed,
Deep into the forest, where destiny swayed.
Dear Judas arrived, greeting the Savior with a kiss.
Thus was the signal the soldiers couldn't miss.

Was humanity put to it’s ultimate test? 
Or was the Christ truly under arrest?
Each apostle awoke and drew his angry sword.
But Jesus protested, “I embrace the will of the Lord!”

“Twelve Legions of Angels would save me,
If only I would now rather have it be.
But wield not now your lethal blades,
For they are truly instruments of Hades.”

Thus was the Son of God forcefully taken,
And thrice by dear Peter was He forsaken.
Prosecutor beat the Christ black and blue,
Until all that was left were bones and sinew.

“Oh, what have I done?” Judas Iscariot said.
“Because of me, innocent blood has been shed.”
The bribe of 30 silver back at the Council he swung.
Overwhelmed by guilt and shame, from a tree he hung.

1) This is a continuation of a series called 'Beelzebub' which I left unfinished 2 years ago.
2) To be continued - Beelzebub Part 7 - The Crown of Thorns
3) Images used in this post do not belong to me.

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Salutations to the Sun

That morning, I saluted the sun,
raised my hands like a tree
to hold his feet so he couldn't run
and thus the Solar I could see.

To know the truth was I inclined
and thus I climbed the mountain.
Like a crooked stick did I find
a cobra as tall as men!

Thus, down hill did I run.
Yet, the Sun could I see.
I held his feet - my day was done
- and went back to pray by the sea.


  1. A Tribute to the Sun (the One who rises and raises) : Suryanamaskar!
  2. Images used in this post do not belong to me.

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