An Infallible Justice

I invoke Karma - hear me, oh mighty power!
You are light even at my darkest hour!

You give me purpose! You make me strong!
Your judgement has never been wrong.
You are justice, when law fails to serve!
Infallible, men get what they deserve!

Battle scars, of unforgotten wars, do subside and heal.
But you alone know for sure how the wounded feel.
You defend the innocent who cry out to you.
You alone always stand by that which is true.

I wont provoke, curse or fear you like the rest.
But to stay out of your way, I can only do my best.
I surrender to you my anger, vengeance, and hate,
knowing well that you seal each saboteur's fate!

Neither late nor early - what must be will be.
The guilty face your wrath; the innocent are set free.

Indeed, the innocent are set free!

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