X-men: Days of the Future Past

I went out to watch this movie (with an uncle who wasn't very fond of sci-fi) and I liked the movie. It kept me on the edge.

But it was sad to see Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) depressed and on drugs.

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) stole the show, as usual.  

The Mysterious Ways of the Lord

Last evening, I was going home from Bangalore airport, by bus.  I was reading the book of Acts. Next to me sat a young man called Samuel.

He asked me if I was doing some Bible study and even offered help. I showed him a contact (Pr. Sam) from my notebook. He immediately recognized this contact and rang him up to chat with him in malayalam.

Then, later, I mentioned that I attend Church at NICOG, Pune. Samuel said that he's even been to the very church during his days at Pune. Then we marveled at how the Lord connects people in mysterious ways.