Dear America, India Called and She Wants Her Economy Back

An ironic fact is that the Republicans, of which Trump is no excuse, actually believe that  immigrants are a liability to America. If the current trend of neglecting the employees in America who are Indian citizens or Indian by origin continues, then clearly the American economy would collapse. It is surprising that Trump is actually a well established American economist considering that the American sensex dropped soon after he was elected. I'm not very surprised. Why are you? If the American rednecks actually do want to work for a living, we don't really need their jobs. Let's watch them do some substantial labor.

If the current Prime Minister of India, Modi, would like to pull yet another stunt to rescue India from the neck deep quicksand our former administrators plunged her into, let him first un-peg our economy from that of America's. Because I would not be surprised if the latter collapses sooner than later. Would you? Why don't we make at least India an Indian labour friendly country, for once.

Caste discrimination in our country has a side towards which we all turn a blind eye. Those who are labelled as 'open category' (which merely means that they are not considered for caste based reservations in educational institutions and government jobs), find refuge in foreign countries whose racism is relatively saner. What we call a 'brain drain' is hence no surprise and yet people merely complain. If we truly decide to declare caste to be but a word, we would cease to allow it on official documents and election speeches. Indian economy will flourish when the brain drain ceases.

If America would pay a bit more attention to the Indian employees who labor to keep her economy on the top of the ranks and even on the charts, to begin with, even half as much as she does on which country's economy to invade next by continuously improved military strategies and equipment, then her economy would flourish and actually be fed, to begin with.

It is time for Indian to wake up to a world within her and America to wake up to a world outside. Caste discrimination and racism will not feed men for long. Wake up India! Wake up America! It's not too late, yet.

Explaining Digital Marketing to a Wizard Friend

As I updated my Facebook status to something which meant nothing more than 'needs attention', like everybody else's, my new wizard friend, Zephyrous, peeked over my shoulder and stared at my laptop screen, full of colorful images, in wonder.

"What is this?" The young wizard asked, scratching his long and dark beard, stereotypically.
"Social media." I murmured.
"What is its purpose?" He persisted.
"Over the last few years, men have ceased to interact with their neighbours next door as we don't have time for that. So now we  compensate for that by spending hours together on these kind of website to bitch about how our lives lack adventure and blame it on governmental policies."
"Why do you do that?" He asked.
"Because I get paid for it." I replied, cheekily. "Digital Marketing is my job."
"And what does that entail?" He continued to ask questions, curious as ever.
"I track people down using social media labs which employ private algorithms and study their likes and dislikes through what they talk about generally and the periods during which there is a maximum frequency of online audience. Then, I invite them to like my page by sharing something which attracts their attention. And once they subscribe, my feeds enter their social media. This makes them realize how much they miss the products and services they never  ever had in their lives to begin with and I try to get them to buy my products by doing all of this. I also employ other social media strategies for the same."

I was confident that my Greek and Latin would have made him stop further inquiries. But, no!

"Does that work?" He asked.
"No. Because I'm not some pretty girl who's going out shopping and taking selfies with her friends while trying on expensive branded clothing."
"So, social media works only for women?"
"Guys do desperately log in to the social media in an attempt to get laid at the end of the day, but not all of them are cocky enough to succeed."
"What does it take for men to get noticed on your social media?"
I blinked for a second and then responded. "Picture this if you will. If a girl posts a picture with a duck face, she'd get hundreds of likes and almost a hundred comments by the end of the day. And if a guy posts something even as serious as 'I plan to kill myself at the end of the day because life isn't worth  it', he'd get a few likes , a comment or two along the lines of 'best of luck' and maybe a troll."

"So," The wizard took his turn to blink. "they send trolls to kill a man who decides to end his life anyway? Is social media for imbeciles?"
"Hush!" I interjected. "These imbeciles will be paying me some day to buy some of my products. Don't judge them yet."